Einlass immer 19.00, Beginn 20.00, Ende 22.00

„Kultur am Dorfplatz“ ist eine Initiative zur Förderung von kulturellen Aktivitäten im Jugendwiderstandsmuseum / Galiläa-Kirche in Friedrichshain. Das Ziel ist der Aufbau eines regelmässigen Kulturprogramms mit Konzerten, Lesungen, Kino etc.

oll auf die finanziell prekäre Lage des Kulturstandortes Galiläa-Kirche aufmerksam gemacht werden.

Elektronischer Hörgenuss XII:
CD Kreisverband Friedrichshain
Kazuhisa Uchihashi
Zsolt Sőrés

Kazuhisa Uchihashi


Der 1959 in Osaka, Japan, geborene Uchihashi spielt eine große Vielfalt an Musik und hat eine unverwechselbare musikalische Stimme in Rock, Jazz und improvisierter Musik. Er komponiert viel für Film, Theater und Tanz, unter anderem 30 Jahre lang für die japanische Theatergruppe Ishinha. Kürzlich komponierte er 4 Theaterstücke für Tosiki Okada an den Münchner Kammerspielen und arbeitete weltweit mit Musikern wie Hans Reichel, Fred Frith, Ned Rothenberg, Wayne Horvitz, Roger Turner, Sainkho Namtchylak, Shelley Hirsch und Christian Marclay und vielen anderen. Seit Anfang der 90er Jahre wurde er zu Hunderten von Musikfestivals auf der ganzen Welt eingeladen. Er organisierte das legendäre japanische Power-Trio Altered States, wo er seit über 30 Jahren aktiv ist und in den 1990er Jahren auch in Otomo Yshihides Ground Zero arbeitete. In den letzten Jahren hat er sich auf die pan-asiatische Identität in der Musik konzentriert. Seit 2010 ist er nach Indonesien, Thailand und China gereist, um spezielle Projekte in Zusammenarbeit mit lokalen Musikern zu realisieren. Mahanyawa ist eine der besten Kollaborationseinheiten mit SENYAWA aus Indonesien. Sein spezielles Instrument, das Daxophon, ist eine Kreation des verstorbenen Gitarristen/Erfinders Hans Reichel, der ein kreativer Partner von Uchihashi war.  Jetzt ist er in Berlin ansässig und versucht sich hier an einem neuen Projekt.

Zsolt Sőrés


Zsolt Sőrés (b. 1969 in Budapest, Hungary) is primarily and by nature an interdisciplinary artist. His way of seeing and creating demands that he works with more than just a single medium. With an academic background in literary theory and history, he began making music and various intermedia works in the mid-1990s as a member of Spiritus Noister, SoKaPaNaSz, Mesékstb. and S.K.ψ. These groups performed genres alternating between phonic poetry and free, non-idiomatic musical improvisation. After 2000, Sőrés established himself as a solo composer and performer (mainly of live music for dance performances); thanks to occasional collaborations with Ernő Király, Franz Hautzinger, Adam Bohman, Jean-Michel Van Schouwburg, Jean-Hervé Péron, Christian Kobi, Hilary Jeffery, Rudi Fischerlehner, Anla Courtis and many others he soon gained international recognition.

Sőrés’s profound and versatile mind owes much to his natural abilities to meaningfully articulate pluralities of information and grasp relevant relationships between things and phenomena. The same is true of his approach to creating sound; prior to starting he carefully considers a given sound’s potential space-time trajectory as well as its psychological and social impact. Adhering to the “no sound is innocent” maxim—coined by the musician who influenced him the most, Edwin Prévost—Sőrés pays equal attention to syntactic as well as semantic aspects of selected sounds. The harrowing, surreal imagery of experimental filmmakers (Kenneth Anger, Alejandro Jodorowsky, Shinya Tsukamoto, etc.) has been another important source of inspiration for his music making. He often creates sound settings and imagery that allude to psychedelic consciousness. Three complementary influences driving Sőrésʼ eclectic poetics—non-idiomatic improvisation, surreal film imagery, and an anti-essentialist, anti-systemic and anti-establishment worldview, developed from his reading of Gilles Deleuze, Hakim Bey, and other non-conformist thinkers—have given rise to his potent form of sound-based aesthetics that are divisible hierarchically into the dualities of music and noise, intention and accident, order and disorder, composition and improvisation, affects and emotions. Sőrés does not think of himself as a conventional musician or sound composer but uses the moniker “ghost sonic ontologist” to describe himself and his professional activities. His art has always had higher ambitions than simply representing reality, even if stating so might be reading into things too much. The artist’s engaging sounds reveal social differences, anomalies, wounds, dystopias, and utopias.

Filastine & Nova
Artivism at Sea: Filastine & Nova Share the Voyage of Arka Kinari
In a live documentary performance combining video, music and story, Nova Ruth & Grey Filastine share the voyage of Arka Kinari. Subversive, immersive and partially submerged, Arka Kinari is a 70-ton sailing ship transformed into a cultural platform to sound the alarm for the climate crisis.
Find out what happens when a rogue’s gallery of activists, makers and artists embark on a terrible idea for the best of reasons. Everything you imagined about the wildness of the sea will be confirmed… and then some. International borders will be proven fictions, until they suddenly become the hardest of facts when the pandemic traps Arka Kinari stateless at sea for months with a broken engine and shrinking supplies. Along the way you’ll find out what happens behind the fences of seedy ports from Morocco to Mexico, be hosted by Venezuelan soldiers on a barren rock, perform for indigenous communities on Panama’s disappearing islands, witness America’s bizarre nuclear legacy in the Pacific atolls, negotiate provisioning with heads of state, meet the Micronesian navigators preserving their ancient craft, be bashed by storms, scavenge supplies from shipwrecks, and be saved by a passing supertanker. You’ll also hear the challenges of being one of the few performing arts productions actually touring during the Covid crisis as the ship tours the Indonesian archipelago with help from such diverse quarters as government ministers, Islamic scholars, quarantine teams in haz-mat suits, and transgender shamans.

Muckla 3000:
Els Vandeweyer (Vibraphone)
Anais Türlinckx (Prepared Stringbox)
Johannes Schleiermacher (Tenor Saxophone, Modular Synthesizer)

Muckla 3000 are three musicians from different horizonts and influences who joined for playing music together. As their sound seemed to have exploding futurist forces they decided to go for a longer trip through space and time as a trio.
Anaïs Tuerlinckx is a belgian pianist based in Berlin. She is exploring the inside piano or her own string box as an endless soundsource for improvisation. Johannes Schleiermacher is playing tenorsaxophon and modular synthesizer. He feels comfortable between hypnotic grooves, repeating melodies and abstract improvisations and likes to exchange ideas with musicians from different cultural backgrounds from time to time. »Els Vandeweyer takes an unconventional approach to the vibraphone – which opens up almost orchestral possibilities (…) in intimate playing with her favourite instrument.« (Franziska Buhre/TAZ)
In Kooperation mit Schallplanet

Einlass 19.00, Beginn 19.30
30 Jahre Filmrisz (Soliparty)
Bad Brians
The Real Deal

Tom Liwa (Flowerpornoes)
Unter den vielen Platten, die Tom Liwa als Tom Liwa und mit den Flowerpornoes aufgenommen hat, gibt es Katarakte, Nebengleise und Schleichpfade, es gibt Straßen, die geradeaus führen, und Wege, die erst beim Gehen freigeschlagen werden. Liwa liebt die Suche, die Verirrungen und Verheißungen, die abseits des Weges liegen. Aber es gibt auch eine Hauptstraße in seinem verzweigten Werk, und die führt von Bob Dylan, Neil Young und Van Morrison zur Incredible String Band, zu Fairport Convention und John Martyn.

Psycho & Plastic (DE)
Rising ambient duo Psycho & Plastic released their new album, Phantom Bliss on the 08th of July 2022 via GiveUsYourGold. The album contains the focus track, ‘The Ocean Between Us’ as well as the previously released singles ‘Fragile Targets’, ‘Back and Forth’ and ‘Imago’, all of which were accompanied by monochromatic videos. The pair have already earned over 4 million plays across platforms with support from CLASH Magazine, Son Of Marketing, Mixmag Spain, Metal Magazine, NPR, Faze Magazine, Electronic Groove, Data Transmission, The Clubmap, Getintothis and BBC Radio 6’s Andrew Weatherall to name a few. Psycho & Plastic is comprised of Alexandre Decoupigny and Thomas Tichai who have been creating music together for over 10 years. The two are from Southern Germany, have both lived in Liverpool where they met and are now based in Berlin. Over the years, the duo have released three albums together as well as two EPs as they draw upon the works of Mouse On Mars, Kruder & Dorfmeister, Leftfield, Brian Eno, Aphex Twin, Robot Koch, Trent Reznor & Atticus Ross for inspiration. Their own sound calls to mind the likes of Brian Eno, Ólafur Arnalds and Nils Frahm. Foregoing preconceived notions, Psycho & Plastic’s music speaks from the soul, as they create an ambient world with their sound. Aiming their music towards “the thinkers and readers, the doubters and dreamers”, each note is chosen carefully to reflect the lingering concepts that arrange themselves at the back of a person’s mind.

Czentrifuga Kollektiv Werkschau

Beginn: 18 Uhr, Vernissage

Siebdruckausstellung, Musik, Gogo-Trash Performance, Installation

Live: Kajbo (Berlin)

CZentrifuga „all-stars“



Vergangene Ereignisse

Stino – Von West nach Ost durch Berlin 1990

Andreas Baum – Wir waren die neue Zeit (Rowohlt)

Andreas Baum – Wir waren die neue Zeit (Rowohlt)

Filmvorführung: Battle of Tuntenhaus etc.

32 Jahre Räumung Mainzerstrasse

Soundwatch Festival Berlin

Ilpo Väisänen (Pansonic, Angel)
Together with Mika Vainio, Ilpo Väisänen was part of the Finnish duo Pan Sonic, one of the most ground-breaking and innovating projects in contemporary electronic music. In a musical form in which sequencing and recording music using computers is standard, the group was known for recording everything live, straight to DAT (Digital Audio Tape) using home-made and modified synthesizers and effect units. In December 2009 their split was announced, Ilpo and Mika continued with their own solo projects. Ilpo’s former releases on his own label Kangaroo, a sub-label of Raster-Noton, have clearly shown his personal affinity with dub music.
Apart from that he is also playing some kind of free-form noise with a tendency to drone with Dirk Dresselhaus (Schneider TM) in the duo Angel / Die Angel with the latest outcome: “Entropien I” on the Berlin based label Cosmo Rhythmic.

Ilpo Väisänen is equally working on his solo productions, often under his alias I-LP-O In Dub.
In order to generate his sounds and soundscapes Ilpo Väisänen rarely uses more than the simplest of devices: analog keyboards and other oscillators he’s fabricated himself. In an age of digital ubiquities, his economy of means and anachronistic aura almost constitutes a challenge, indeed a provocation. One discovers this postulate within the solo releases that Väisänen has issued since 1995. His world permanently fluctuates between hot and cold; composed of creaks, whistles, strange noises and rhythmic improbabilities, it’s a world oftentimes futuristic, yet prehistoric.
Kooperation mit Media Loca und Liebig12

Embryo (53 Years on the Road)

(please scroll down for English)

18:30 Film: A Sound of My Own (Neue Doku über Marja Burchard)

D 2021 R: Rebecca Zehr 52 min

Die junge Musikerin Marja Burchard trägt ein großes Erbe auf den Schultern: Ihr Vater gründete das Ethno-Jazz-Kollektiv Embryo. Seit 2016 führt sie die Band als Bandleaderin weiter. Doch die stark männlich dominierte Sphäre macht es ihr nicht leicht, ihre eigenen Vorstellungen einzubringen. Marja experimentiert, probiert aus und geht auf in der Welt des Klangs und des Hörens. Der Film findet eine interessante Bild- und Tonsprache, um die Welt der jungen Künstlerin einzufangen. Ausgezeichnet auf dem Dokumentar- und Animationsfilm-Festival in Leipzig mit der „Goldenen Taube“

Berlin-Premiere, anschl. Filmgespräch mit Rebecca Zehr

20:00 Konzert: Embryo
Marja Burchard (vibes, trombone, keys, percussion)
Sascha Lüer (trumpet, sopran sax)
Johannes Schleiermacher (tenor sax)
Maasl Maier (bass)
Locko Richter (bass, guitar)
Jakob Thun (drums)
(in Kooperation mit Schallplanet)


6:30 p.m. Film: A Sound of My Own (new documentary about Marja Burchard)

GER 2021 dir: Rebecca Zehr 52 min

Does freedom only exist beyond your own parents’ legacy? Marja took over for her late father at legendary Krautrock band Embryo. When she plays an instrument, she lives within the music. Carefully arranging sounds and images from both past and present, A SOUND OF MY OWN merges into a composition of its own.
At the age of eleven, Marja first appeared on stage with legendary German Krautrock collective Embryo. Today, she’s the one who keeps the band alive, taking over headline duties from her late father. Mastering numerous instruments, composing songs, experimenting with sounds of all kind, she lives within the music. But does freedom only exist beyond your own parents’ legacy? Surrounded by boxes of unlabeled tapes, Marja digs through what her father left behind, making space for herself. A SOUND OF MY OWN delves into a reality of tones and timbres, gradually losing itself in the music. Carefully arranged, images and sounds from both past and present merge into a composition of their own. If everything is music––can’t film be music, too?
Winner Golden Dove DOK Leipzig Documentary and Animated Film Festival

Berlin premiere, Q&A with Rebecca Zehr

8:00 p.m. concert: Embryo
Marja Burchard (vibes, trombone, keys, percussion)
Sascha Lüer (trumpet, sopran sax)
Johannes Schleiermacher (tenor sax)
Maasl Maier (bass)
Locko Richter (bass, guitar)
Jakob Thun (drums)

(in cooperation with Jugend[widerstands]museum/Galiläakirche and Schallplanet)

Jeff Özdemir & Friends
Jeff Özdemir, Joanna Gemma Auguri, Anne von Keller (Sorry Gilberto), Tigerlily, Office Project, Elke Brauweiler (Paula), Otto von Bismarck, F.S. Blumm, Paulpaul Movement
Kooperation mit Karaoke Kalk

Jeff Özdemir & Friends
Jeff Özdemir, Joanna Gemma Auguri, Anne von Keller (Sorry Gilberto), Tigerlily, Office Project, Elke Brauweiler (Paula), Otto von Bismarck, F.S. Blumm, Paulpaul Movement
Kooperation mit Karaoke Kalk

Jeff Özdemir & Friends
Jeff Özdemir, Joanna Gemma Auguri, Anne von Keller (Sorry Gilberto), Tigerlily, Office Project, Elke Brauweiler (Paula), Otto von Bismarck, F.S. Blumm, Paulpaul Movement
Kooperation mit Karaoke Kalk

Ruf der Heimat:
Thomas Borgmann (Tenor Sax)
Jan Roder (Bass)
Willi Kellers (Drums)
Kooperation mit Schallplanet

Hans Popstar aus 14806 Belzig
Das Hex

Elektronischer Hörgenuss X
Luca Forcucci, VJ Chuu, TBA
Kooperation mit Dienstbar und Liebig12

Ale Hop (Electric Guitar)
Laura Robles (Cajun, Percussion)
Kooperation mit Media Loca und Liebig12

Erika Sofia Sollo (voice, electronics)
Fabrizio Bozzi Fenu (electric prepared guitar, objects)
Marina Cyrino (flutes, electronics)
Simon Berz (voice, drum, objects, electronics)
Munsha (voice, cello, electronics)
Kooperation mit Liebig12

Kaserne feat.:
Samira Aakcha – dance
Constantin Carstens (HeDuDa, Organza Ray): computer, electronics
Hilary Jeffery (Zinc & Copper, Organza Ray):trombone, trumpet
Petr Step Kišur (Nohe Noshe, Honey Suckle Company): harmonium
Eleni Poulou (The Fall, Nohe Noshe, Organza Ray): keyboard, bass, vocals
Zsolt Sőrés: (Faust, Un-garians) viola, electronics
André Vida: (Un-garians) saxophones, electronics
Kooperation mit Liebig12

BITTE LEBN (Assoziation A, Reclaim your city)
Urbane Kunst & Subkultur
in Berlin 2003 – 2021

Begleitende Ausstellung zum Buch mit
Fotos: Lucky Cat, Marko Krojac etc.
Installationen von Les Tetis, Neue Lappen
vom 7.10. – 9.9.

In kooperation mit schallplanet

Elektronischer Hörgenuss 9
Programm TBA
in Kooperation mit DienstBar

Joanna Gemma Auguri
Hazel Iris

In Kooperation mit Liebig 12

Trio Sawt Out:
Mazen Kerbaj: Trumpet
Burkhard Beins; Percussion
Michael Vorfeld: Percussion

Duo Pareidolia:
Marta Zapparoli: Electronic
Liz Allbee: Modified Trumpet, Voice & Electronic
In Kooperation mit Liebig 12

Noise Festival Pt.3:
The Allegorist
The Allegorist is an independent music project with a holistic approach based on musical storytelling and is exploring meanings via speculative fiction.

in Kooperation mit Liebig12

Noise Festival Pt. 2:
Su Dance110
Performance art that is hunting a vision of raw, pure & uncompromising. Here su dance100 will combine the creation of sound and amplification of movements that becomes one.

Jessika Kert
She is going to perform on the Buchla rare 200e series. Peering her way through a dense forest of patch cables, feeling all these frequencies and with the love of the physicality, Jessica Kert is performing live to create her own world just for pure enjoyment and self-expression and with much dedication for the art of the piece itself.

in Kooperation mit Liebig12

F.S. Blumm (Record Release Show)
Marc Marcovic

Katharina Ernst
Rudi Fischerlehner

Noise Festival Pt. 1:
Error instruments
Youri Landman

in Kooperation mit Liebig12

„Bitte lebn“ (Reclaim Your City & Assoziation A)

Reanimation Orchestra:
Elo Masing: Violin
JD Zazie: Turntable, CD Player & Field Recordings
Caroline Cecilia Tallone: Prepared Hurdy Gurdy
Ingólfur Vilhjálmsson: Contrabass Clarinet
Ame Zek: Modular Synthesizer & Electron MD
In Kooperation mit Liebig12

Lydia Lunch: The War is never over (2019)
in Anwesenheit der Regisseurin Beth B

Zinc & Copper plays „Pons“ by Duane Pitre
Zinc & Copper:
Elena Margarita Kakaliagou: French Horn
Hillary Jefferey: Trombone & Trumpet
Robin Hayward: Microtonal Tuba & Tuning Vine
In Kooperation mit Liebig 12

Sophie Caplan: City Sonders

von Joao Wichert, Mazlum Demir, Anna de Courcy & Javier Irazuzta
Einlass 18.30

Monótonos Truenos:
Violeta García: Cello
Carlos Quebrada: Bass
In Kooperation mit Liebig12 & TIK Rigaerstrasse 77

Alfons Kujat & Joost Renders: Gespräche

Silke Eberhard: Alto Sax & Gayageum
Daniel Casimir: Trombone & Tuba
Gerhard Gschlößl: Trombone & Tuba
In Kooperation mit Schallplanet

Yan Jun: Electronic
Makoto Oshiro: Objects & Selfmade Instruments
Seiji Morimoto: Electronic
In Kooperation mit Liebig 12

Marko Krojac: Alles wird gut !
The CZtickers (CZentrifuga Kollektiv)

Gerhard Gschlößl: Trombone & Tuba
Johannes Fink: Cello
Alberto Cavenati: Acoustic Guitar
In Kooperation mit Schallplanet