The Pilgrimage of the 13 Blood Moons – Art Installation by Lisa D. Robin

The Pilgrimage of the 13 Blood Moons

I´m proud to announce that the first stage of “ The Pilgrimage of the 13 Blood Moons “ will be the Galiläa Church – Youth Resistance Museum in Berlin – Friedrichshain !

„The Pilgrimage of the 13 Blood Moons“ is an Art Installation by Lisa D.Robin, it will be exhibited at every Full Moon all throughout the year of 2018, a year with 13 Full Moons.

Lisa D.Robin´s Installations are made from recycled materials, paper plays a special role in her work, made from trees, which are some of the most precious and important beings on our planet.
By turning them back into something special and unique, Lisa wants to return to them a sense of their lost honour.
She calls this process „Tree Reincarnation“ and quotes the Chemist Antoine Lavoisier, who said “ Rien ne se perd, rien ne se crée, tout ce transforme.“, translated to English as “ Nothing is lost, nothing ist created, everything is transformed“.

Environmental and societal critique such as speciesism and gender theory, as well as spiritual themes of Shamanism, dualism, symbolism, menstruation blood art, sacred art and ritual are the main concepts of her work. She uses vibrant colours and powerful sounds to bring this installations to life.

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