Blind Signal #2

Blind Signal #2



Blind Signal presents Berlin-based artists who have been known for their ability to unveil the (un)concretereality of sounds. The idea is to catch organic signals, transferring them into sonic pieces which put listeners on an auditory journey. A godless church in the Rigaerstraße (Friedrichshain), turned into a museum depicting its history of resistance that has taken place over the past century.


Live Premiere — A Day at Nilambe, by Yannis Trouinard (FR/DE) – 7pm

“A Day at Nilambe” is an audio piece using field recordings from the Nilambe meditation center in Sri Lanka, combined with text written by Paul Köppler.


Hobocombo plays Moondog with Trimba & Electronics (IT/DE) – 8pm

Hobocombo is one of many thrilling projects by Italian electro-acoustic musician and composer Andrea Belfi. He recently performed at experimental sound project The Long Now, collaborating with artists like Nils Frahm and Mike Watt. His work has been released on labels such as Constellation, Float and Miasmah. In 2010 he formed the band Hobocombo with Francesca Baccolini and Rocco Marchi, together they reinterpret the music of American composer Moondog. For this very special solo performance Belfi will perform his project Hobocombo with one of Moondog’s inventions, a triangular shaped drum called the Trimba, as well as electronics.


Kathy Alberici & Federico Nitti present Bocca al Lupo (UK/IT/DE)  – 9pm

Alberici is an experimental violinist with a love for analogue electronics and deep listening. Following a childhood of intensive classical training Kathy Alberici followed a chaotic path through jazz and noise music that led her to the experimental underbelly of Brighton, UK, and Berlin, Germany.

She is best known for her work in psychedelic doom band Drum Eyes (Upset the Rhythm) and her work with Jan St Werner (Mouse on Mars). Live she is joined by visual artist, Federico Nitti, who manipulates code, electronics, and live-video streams to produce a synaesthetic universe of colour and motion. Among his collaborators are Aphex Twin, Roberto Crippa, Shapednoise and Inner8. Their performance Bocca al Lupo inhabits a tingling space between noise, soundscapes and drone; evocative ‘sonic portraits’ which intertwine hallucinatory string and synth sounds around grainy industrial skeletons.


Hosted by the Jugend[widerstands]museum Galiläakirche
with the generous support of the Jugendkulturzentrum die PUMPE

Presented by Digital in Berlin and The Chop

Friday the 16th of June from 7 to 10 PM

Galiläakirche, Rigaer Straße 9 // U Frankfurter Tor

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Eintritt: 8 Euro

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