Friedrichshain – Place of resistance

Friedrichshain has a long tradition as a place of civil resistance and disobedience to oppression, bondage and paternalism.

The Hedwig-Wachenheim Society eV has made the Galiläakirche a place with the opening of the permanent exhibition: “Do not wait for better times!” Youth Resistance and Youth Opposition in the SBZ / DDR (1948-1989) on November 9, 2009 where the hitherto inadequately publicly known tradition of youth resistance and youth opposition in the GDR is permanently documented. At the same time, young people in particular are invited to grapple with this part of GDR history and their current political experiences, wishes and demands. The aim is the development of the exhibition site as a documentation and educational institution.

The museum as an exhibition venue

At present the museum shows two permanent exhibitions.

In addition, we usually show a current temporary exhibition.

To the exhibitions… (for now only in german!)

The museum as a venue

The Galiläa Church was already in the 70s, a space that have used mainly alternative oriented young people to meet, to exchange their opinions and have fun, without fear of repression.

Even today, it is important to maintain free space, so we offer in addition to the exhibitions our premises for events of all kinds.

Regular concerts, readings, radio plays, theatrical performances and much more take place here.

For questions about fees and free dates write us.